Battery Explodes | RCA 7″-inch Android Tablet | Walmart

RCA Android 7 inch tablet Walmart explodes!

NEWS REPORT: (See Video) Battery Explodes | One complaint said, “Battery puffed up, assuming it exploded. Scary. Now left with useless junk.”

Battery Explodes | Reviews & Statements:

Battery Explodes: Buyers claim battery in low-cost RCA tablets can 'explode'... One complaint said, "Battery puffed up, assuming it exploded. Scary. Now left with useless junk."

Battery Explodes: Buyers claim battery in low-cost RCA tablets can ‘explode’… One complaint said, “Battery puffed up, assuming it exploded. Scary. Now left with useless junk.”

Bought a 7″ RCA tablet (RCT6077W22) back on Friday this last Christmas from Wal-mart and it took only 7 months to die.The battery started to grow slowly.

Day after day getting bigger and bigger. RCA tablets must be extraordinarily cheep? What kind of company engineer’s a battery that only lasts 7mo?!!

It now looks like a pillow and burst the case wide open! I’m afraid it could exploded at any time, light on fire…

Battery Explodes – I don’t know. Never seen anything like it.

has any one else?I sure hope RCA stands by their products and treats their customers with enough respect and replace any and ALL tablet that are doing this.

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15 thoughts on “Battery Explodes | RCA 7″-inch Android Tablet | Walmart

  1. My RCA tablet just won’t charge or reset. I lost track of how long I had it for, but I mainly used it for gaming so I had alot of photos and games I made in-app purchases in while never thinking about backing it up (besides syncing it to my phone using google play, which doesn’t cover photos or in-app purchases) and now it won’t charge, it won’t go to the reboot screen, but I don’t think the battery is inflating/exploding (yet). I’m pretty sure the battery is fried so i’m trying to replace it now and i’m having trouble just opening it! I’ve been trying for 3 days now not to damage it while trying to open it but this RCA pro10 edition 2 tablet is starting to be a pain! I’m in need of professional help, please!

  2. This 7-inch RCA tablet was given to me as a Christmas gift but my daughter she doesn’t have a lot of money but she loves her daddy. Just like everyone else this piece of crap stopped charging 3 months after I received it. Same problem everyone else has what a piece of junk. I will never purchase anything with RCA on it. End of story!! The Chinese are quite capable of making a decent product this isn’t one of them you should be ashamed yourself for selling this to people, take it off the market inexpensive does not have to be garbage. I actually have a chinese-manufactured guitar Epiphone that I put up against any American guitar made if you can get quality inexpensively why are you guys selling crap? Have a nice day. I really want nothing from you just stop screwing people.

  3. I have purchased 4 10 inch digiland tablets which ALL have defected whether it be screen shattering or it just heats up to the point the screen shatters return them to best then told to call manufacter who’s phone doesn’t ever get answered ‼‼‼‼

  4. My daughter gave me an RCA tablet and at first I loved it. I took photos at Christmas and of my pet cat. Then it stopped charging, would not turn on and finally, the battery exploded. I lost every photo I had. My cat of 15 years died last week and I would love to have the beautiful photos of him. They are gone just as he is gone. I would warn everyone not to buy RCA tablets.
    Thank you.

    • There is a lot that can been done to protect data (photos), before a device fails. However you are limited to only costly to no options, after a device fails…

      Before device fail, backup to (cloud) or external SD-card(s) is the best… I recently started using “Google Photos”; to save all my photos online…

      After device fails; you might be able to pry device apart, and solder replacement battery. longer enough to recover the pictures… It is possible this battery might cost as much as the device itself…

      Often for data-recovery, you end up duplicating the hardware, so you can move storage, to working a device… There is the labor cost for the brain-surgeon; to move the brain to another body; then the data could be transferred to the (online) or (external-storage), that should have been considered before the device failed…

  5. My husband bought a 10 inch RCA tablet from Wal-Mart in Sept. It worked ok when it was purchased. We haven’t had it 90 days and it decided not to power on after a full charged battery. We went back to Wal-Mart and their return policy states that we had 15 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange it. The customer service rep told us to contact RCA warranty dept for further assistance. So we called RCA and they said for us to ship it to them and they would look at it and we had to pay the shipping charges. They said it would take 4-6 weeks. If they couldn’t fix it then they would make a decision on replacing it. So our dilemma sits with a tablet that doesn’t work and a company who isn’t taking responsibility. My brother-in-law also bought one and it did the same thing within 4 days of purchase. All we want is our money back.

  6. Don’t buy one ever! After purchasing 3, it wasn’t worth what I spent. Should’ve bought an iPad & saved the grief. Repairing one would cost the same as rebuying one. Even after buying the warranty on the 3rd one, I get sent a raggedy, scratched refurbished one. I didn’t have that tablet even a month.

  7. My grandson received an RCA Tablet a little over a month ago for his birthday. The tablet just stopped working. It will not charge, or turn on. We bought a warranty but my son misplaced the paperwork and no one can help us. RCA has the worse customer service. You call the number that is listed and they tell you to go onto the website. When you try to contact anyone, you are constantly redirected and no one ever answers. My family will never purchase another product from this company as they do not back up their products. If you read the reviews, a lot of people had the same problems and no one at RCA has corrected them.

  8. I brought 3 tablets back in November during black Friday. They were given to my kids for Christmas. Two really don’t had good charge and when you try to charge them you have to keep moving the cord. One tablet, the battery has exploded. My kids look forward to these items and it is sad they can’t enjoy them. I believe someone should take action on this matter before someone gets hurt.

  9. This is a cheap tablet that only is good for minor stuff. I received as a Christmas gift from a family member. The first issue was that to find that it only charges through the dc outlet and not through the usb port which doesn’t even work with most usb cords. This was the issue in the first month. due to time i was able to get assistance and find what did work with rca support in 3 days time. The next issue was it false reads the charge of the tablet, Now it doesn’t even charge even with different cord and had trouble shooted and follow steps. mind you its only been 3 months and all i use it for is email and to read ebooks and my ebook apps which I cant even read now.
    I would like a refund or exchange but with out receipt it doesn’t happen and even then its out of the time frame to exchange and I still have to pay out of my pocket. Not acceptable for something hats not even worth the value from Christmas.

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