Best Chromebooks 2014 | Affordable portable computer, everything built-in!

Best Chromebooks 2014:

Whether it’s because of their very affordable prices or an aversion to Windows 8.1’s complexity, more and more shoppers are buying Chromebooks. There are some valid reasons for choosing a Chromebook over a Windows machine, including a very intuitive interface (it’s largely browser based), no upgrade headaches and less worrying about malware. And while Chromebooks have limited offline capability, there’s a growing number of apps that work without a Wi-Fi connection.

With prices that start at $199, a Chromebook also makes a pretty compelling gift idea. But, if you’re planning to give one of these clamshells for this year’s holidays, you’ll need to act soon. Amazon is guaranteeing delivery before Christmas if you order by Dec. 19 via the company’s free-shipping option on orders of $35 and more. For real procrastinators, you can hope for a same-day delivery option as late as Dec. 24, but you’ll need to make sure you’re in one of the 13 eligible cities.

With practically every PC maker now selling a Chromebook, choosing the right model for you largely comes down to design, screen size and battery life. The little things also count for a lot, like keyboard comfort and speaker quality. We’ve tested a wide range of Chromebooks to arrive at this list of top picks.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 (13-inch)

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