DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Tablet Review: Quad-Core 8GB ($39-$49)

With a 7" 5-point capacitive touch screen, this DigiLand DL701Q tablet makes it easy to navigate features and view media in crisp detail. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you access streaming media (NetFlix) and more with ease.

With a 7″ 5-point capacitive touch screen, this DigiLand DL701Q tablet makes it easy to navigate features and view media in crisp detail. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you access streaming media (NetFlix) and more with ease.

If you are looking for the best budget tablet to buy in 2014, one serious contender has to be the DigiLand DL701Q 7-inch 8GB Black tablet. It is available for a low price this month, but more importantly the DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Tablet specs are impressive too and almost comparable to popular high-street brands.

What I Liked (DL701Q):

♦ Price ($39-$49) | (I purchased 16 units for family & friends)
♦ 1.3GHz quad-core processor
♦ FM tuner (Real Radio, not Internet-Radio)
♦ Micro USB 2.0 port & Secure digital slot
♦ BlueTooth, GPS, Fast Wi-Fi
♦ Sound

What I Did Not Like (DL701Q):

♦ Case not included (Got one at the dollar-tree)…
♦ Internal 512MB RAM (RCA has 1GB, but missing Bluetooth)
(RCA has/had issues with battery exploding, due to charging issues!)
♦ Screen when viewed from side (when watching movie with friend)

DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Quad-Core 8GB Tablet ($39-$49)

One of the best budget tablet to buy in 2014, is the DigiLand 7-inch DL701Q Quad-Core 8GB Tablet. It is available for a low price this month, but more importantly the specifications are impressive too and almost comparable to popular high-street brands.

Usually, when we look for budget tablets we are not expecting to see a quad-core processor included. At the very most, dual-core is usually the favorable spec among retailers and manufacturers.

However, the DigiLand 7-inch tablet (DL701Q) is unique in the fact that not only is it available for a cut price, it comes with a quad-core 1.3Ghz Mediatek processor as well which is fantastic.

But you can get it for even cheaper than that on Black Friday. Best Buy’s Black Friday preview ad shows the DigiLand DL701Q for $39 and says the price is valid November 27-29, 2014.

Warning: Do not purchase the (Dual-Core) (DL700D) for $46… You want to get the (Quad-Core) (DL701Q); with 8GB for only $49 (before taxes).

It’s pretty surprising the number of hardware upgrades this tablet has received and yet the price remains the same. They doubled the storage space, improved the screen resolution, upgraded the processor to quad-core, and they added Bluetooth, GPS, an FM tuner and a 2.0 MP rear camera.

Like the previous model, it runs Android 4.4 KitKat. Preloaded apps include Google Play, Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Google Music, Google Search and others.

All in all, you could do worse for $49. (Battery Explodes on RCA Tablet’s)

There’s also a 10-inch DigiLand tablet with basically the same exact specs for $99. Too bad they didn’t up the screen resolution, though.

Here’s the rundown of the specs:

DigiLand Tablet Specs

  • 7-inch TFT-LCD screen
  • 1024 x 600 resolution
  • 5-point capacitive multitouch screen
  • 200 cd/m² brightness
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 8GB NAND flash memory
  • Memory card slot for cards up to 32GB
  • MediaTek MTK8127 Cortex-A7 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • ARM Mali 450 MP4 graphics
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • 2.0MP rear-facing cameras
  • 0.3MP front-facing cameras
  • 1-cell Lithium Polymer battery (Li-Polymer) 2100 mAh
  • 1 speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, mic
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • Dimensions: 7.5″ x 4.6″ x 0.5″
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

Currently sold at (www.BestBuy.com) (Sale $39.99)

www.BestBuy.com | Model: DL701Q | DigiLand - 7" - 8GB - Black

www.BestBuy.com | Model: DL701Q | DigiLand – 7″ – 8GB – Black | On-Sale ($39.99) – CLICK IMAGE FOR CURRENT PRICES

All in all, you could do worse for $49. (Battery Explodes on RCA Tablet’s)

Manufacturer (DigiLand) Contact Info:

ONLINE: http://www.digi-land.net/
E-MAIL: service@digi-land.net
TELEPHONE: 1-866-618 7888

DL701Q-English-Warranty-Card (PDF)
DL701Q-English-User-Manual (PDF)

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  1. I turned the display brightness all the way up… The screen is still so dark that I can hardly see anything. Are there any additional settings that will brighten this up?

  2. With such a huge database, there is no chance that
    you wouldn. The display settings allows you to customize the way you want the pop-up alerts to look like
    and you can select the pop-up layout, pop-up position, contact picture size, font size and much more.
    Where can you buy the actual i – Pad 2 in Denver on March 11.

    • It is most likely the charger and/or the battery. IT is most likely the battery is worn; and is no longer holding a charge. Since battery not easy or cheap enough to replace; might be time for a new device!

  3. My tablet is restarting/freezing every 3-5 minutes. Pop up porn adds are killing my tablet



    • It appears to be infected… I would install “360 Security”, and see it it can fix it… Please advise me on results… in worst case; you can do a factory-reset too…

  4. Tablet screen cracked. Didn’t even have a month, I can not get a hold of anyone to talk to them… Please let me know what to do.

  5. This makes me so mad. i got this tablet today i ordered it off of bestbuy.com and in the middle of playing a game the screen went black and it wont turn back on or anything please help me.

  6. I received my tablet as a Christmas gift. I loved it but when the tablet died I charged it & never turned back on. What’s up with that?

    • I have a he newest model that I purchased Dec, carried to Jamaica as Christmas gift, one week later, its doing same as yours. I should have read reviews first. I got it for a 10 year old..very frustrating, they are telling me warranty is not effective after 90 days..best buy same 12 months manufacture warranty. This is crazy. I just want this thing fix. It stop working after 1 week…

    • Oktcoleman@gmail.com
      Does your digiland 701Q tablet have an ESN/ MEID number? If so please tell me where it is located at on the tablet. Also the battery runs down in a matter of only 5 to at best 10 minutes. This is the second one we have had because the first one’s battery ran down in only 3-5 minutes. We only owned the first one for a week. So, we took it back to the store and thay swaped it out for us and gave us a new one. This one does the same thing as the first, only not as fast. Please Help. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

      • Those numbers are usually found on cellular devices; which the DigiLand DL701Q does not have/support…

        Since I depend on internet everywhere; I tend to use my (Samsung-Phone) instead of tablet…
        *** Would anyone care to comment on the battery life??? As I forgotten how long my lasts!

  7. I got my son this tablet for Christmas and today the internet says it’s connected but when you go to YouTube or any internet required it says check your connection. I’ve erased all the free apps that he got from the app store except the one we actually purchased an it’s still not actually connected…..what’s the problem…any help would be nice

  8. Hi my kids got these tablets for Christmas yesterday now one of the tablets wouldn’t let me unlock it so I restore it now when it comes on then goes to a screen that says welcome and pick language it would not let me scroll over how can I fix problem

  9. Bought these for the kids last year for Christmas. Wanted them to have a device of their own. Was going to download minecraft for my oldest for Christmas to get the “Not enough storarage space”. I’m confused. I went into the storage area and there are two internal storage areas. One is .98gb and the other is 5. Does not state a difference between the two. The 1GB ish one is almost maxed. Thealmost 5gb one has over 4 gig available. I have cleared a bunch of stuff and even deleted some apps (He only had 5-6 to begin with) Why will the tablet not let me download the game. Can someone help me fix this problem or do I need to buy a new tablet? Whats the point of storage space if you can’t use it?

  10. After about a year of use, our tablet is having problems. We don’t have much installed on it at all but it just shuts off when it feels like it. Battery percent drops from 90 to 20 in a matter of minutes.

    This isn’t good.. what can we do?

  11. my kindle just cracked and stopped working all at once, i only had it 1 month. I have written Digiland and tried to call them on several occassions

  12. I am not able to log on to any of my Google accounts. I get error message about connecting to Google server. I also get error accessed denied contact administrator. How do I fix this problem

    • I am from Google and I tried troubleshooting the device of one of my customers but still we cannot connect. I suggest contacting the manufacturer for questions

      • Contacting the manufacturer for questions; is always preferred… While I think it is a good cheap tablet; it still is a cheap-tablet; so would not expects years from a $40 tablet… (We love you Google!)

  13. I dropped my tablet and noticed the back piece was off and saw the audio was cut, now i cant hear a thing obviously, how fo i fix it? Please reply immediately

  14. I dropped my tablet and noticed the back piece was off then i saw the audio wire cut, now i cant hear a thing obviously, how do i fix it? Please reply immediately

  15. I Bought the digiland 7inch quad core tablet and when I power it on the main screen freezes and it won’t let me unlock it…….HOW CAN I FIX IT

  16. pls i bought the digiland dl701q but the back camera is not functioning and all my effort to restore it proves abortive can u kindly help

    • I myself do not use the camera much; as use my iPhone… after you open the (camera) app; there is an icon to switch between [front/back] cameras… if the icon works or tablet freezes; then the camera itself might be broken…

      I know that this month (July-2015) there was an ‘Android system update’… I would suggest connecting to WiFi; then applying this update; to see if that might help you… (as last result, can try a factory restore)…

  17. my tablet freezes up and will not load up what can I do I reseted it but it still does it.. when its loading it shows some people fighting with swords and it freezes up what can i do about this matter. I dont have the reciept any more or the box can I send it back to the company and you all fix it or replace it or tell me how to fix it my self plz its a DiGiLand tablet 7 inch, model3 dl71q , the fccid :xmf-mid713

  18. I just bought this tablet yesterday for my 6 yr bday n I never have issues connecting wireless wifi to my familys cell phones or my sons Samsung tablet but with this tablet I put in my own wifi password n it wont even let me press connect so help me out here! I don’t think I am that ignorant smh

    • I would try to power-off the wireless router, then wait 3min before trying to connect to it again… You then can try pressing the “wps-button” on the router… you then have 2min/less to connect a new wireless device…

      • I do not know why my tablet is freezing and going back home .if something is wrong with it can I get a reply please sooo I can know what to do please?

  19. Hi, my daughter was playing on her tablet and then the screen cracked how does that happen from her swiping her fingers on the screen? Can I send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement?

    • Mine did the same thing it cracked bad and thats so messed up and i do need a new one i wish i had the money to get one but i dont i need to know if i can get it replaced?


  20. My tablet died so I charged it my no matter how many times I reset it or how long I charge it it won’t turn on. It also shows the love for it charging. PLEASE RESPOND!

  21. The tablet is fine talks is probably not working one mite have messed up before you got some kid in the store could accidentally knocked it over and it did not crack. Just messed it up. Some kids are like that☺

  22. Can someone tell me if the DigiLand tablet is MHL compatible? Can i buy a micro usb adapter and connect it to my tv HDMI?
    If not, will the RCA tablet connect to my tv instead?

  23. My son and his cousins got this from their grandfather for Christmas. At first the speakers were okay. Then we noticed that the volume decreased even if it was on max. Now we can hardly hear anything. But the units that his cousins got are working fine. There was no instance that our unit fell.

  24. I have a sad boy 🙁
    My 11 yr old has a tablet and some how the screen is shattered 🙁
    My son is ADD / Autistic
    He uses his tablet to calm down
    is there any way we can send it in
    we have not had it long maybe a month
    I don’t have extra money to get another one
    I am a mother of 3 boys and home school them
    Thank You for helping this sad momma
    Thanks Janette

  25. My 7″ tablet died and its been on the charger for over an hour. But, it still says its at 0%. Is there anything I can do about it?

    • Likely it is an issue with the (usb-adapter) or the (battery)… Some use power sources, do not supply enough power to charge some devices… This is common with Apple devices; as the AC-adapter that charges smaller iPhones will not charge the iPad’s… You want to make sure the (usb-adapter) supplies approx (2amps) of power for a good/fast charge. You can also try to (power-off) the tablet; so it does not drain power; while charging.

  26. I have dropped my my tablet and it has just been slightly opened on the side so i tried to close it and the sound is gone and it has two cracks on it and now I’m not able to touch the screen at all

  27. I just git the tablet just before Christmas and the tablets “prongs” for the charger broke can I tradein and get a new one??

    • oh no! There is a small pinhole, on the (side/bottom), that you can press with a ‘paperclip’; that will force the tablet to restart… if this does not fix it; I would ask store for an exchange; since unit is still brand new!

  28. i love myDigiland 7″ Quadcore great tab for a great price but the error messages are kinda anoying im trying to reboot but it doesn’t let me do nothing just more error messages, when it says to report the error Boom! more error messages, i guess you get for what you paid! lol! but before that it was working fine . i will let the battery die to turn it on again hopefully it will work back again but is kinda a downer if a have to reset after all the work i had in it! work pics, phone numbers and memos omg! hope is ok when i turn it on again.

  29. Please some one help. the tablet will not run most apps like most of you have said. it will open the app, when I begin to play or game or use messenger for example almost every time I get a black screen and I am kicked from what ever it is I am doing. the tablet totally sucks and I cannot get any customer support anywhere. the number leads me no where, and the web site just continues to buffer. please help I just want game on this tablet but I cant. I will be forced to return it. waste of money.

  30. It keeps on getting worse, now I’m not able to put pictures up on items I’m trying to sell so I’m deleting all game apps a whole 4 games and only have a few pictures in gallery and still no work. I have the wifiset up, rebooted everything, what is it with this Awe Snap and Reload sad face thing???? Should I get my money back????

  31. I have the Digiland 7″ quad core tablet got it for Christmas. I continuously keep on getting an AWE SNAP error, throws me out, have WiFi also cleared all Chromes history and don’t have hardly Anny apps downloaded, really sucks! Please help, thank you

  32. Why does my tablet shut down the complete program when using certain applications?. The screen goes black and returns to home screen. Does it not support certain apps such as candy crush?

    • I Bought this tablet over a year ago and when I got it Candy Crush worked fine, But I hadn’t played it in a few months and just like you it doesn’t work now… It goes to loading then goes back to the main screen. I know at one time there was a firmware update, and I know there has been many candy crush updates. I have yet to figure out which one caused the issue whether it was the firmware or candy crush itself. Guess the only way to know is to keep updating candy crush when they come out and hope one works for it again.. Because factory resetting the tablet didn’t fix it.

  33. There isn’t enough RAM… Games and app will just close by themselves. Is there a way to upgrade the RAM? Most games won’t work. Even the FB messenger closes if the FB app is open.

  34. Is anyone having trouble with games on the 7in tablet? When I try to play certain games like Farmville or slingo adventure it just kicks me out! Any suggestions or help would be great!

  35. I bought these for my kids, so I can keep them off my phone’s and so far have not been happy. Every time they try to play a game. They get booted off just as they begin to play. What can be done?

  36. I just got the 7″ digiland quad-core tablet two days ago and im already having problems. I put in on the charger to see that it was dead, I left it all night to charge and when I woke up It said it was dead. I held the power button to get on the tablet and it brought up the digiland logo and under it says powered by android…it has stayed on this screen for about 3-5 hours. Ive tried charging it again, reseting it, and turning it off and on non of which worked. I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to fix this. Thank you!

  37. Digiland 7″ – 4.4 Quad. Won’t play YouTube videos. This was a Christmas gift for my son Joe. Yesterday the vids were working, but today no. Thinking its a settings issue either on YouTube or the tablet. WiFi works fine. IPhone playing as I write this. Thanks. Bob

    • I also have a big problemo with YouTube! I search up” how to change profile picture on YouTube?” I don’t know if its just youtube or the tablet! Oh and sorry off topic but why is everyone have such big problems with their tablets?! I just have one simple problem but do i have some kind of special one cause my sis also got one and it broke just touching the screen! Me i had this tablet for two years already! From cracked screen,freezing,low battery,to craziness!

  38. I received this pad as a xmas present and I think it is great. The instructions are rather vague, so I had to find most things out by trial and error.

  39. Hi I just got one of these for christmas and hadn’t even openned it yet. (Gotta wait for my bro to get the wifi code) One should I poassibly charge it before he does it? Also, does it come with a paint program? If not then where can I get a free paint program app?

    Please and thank you and Happy Holidays!

  40. My kids father just bought both of my kids one of these tablets today for Christmas. when we turned my daughters on it was in Japanese???? so we don’t know what to do or how to change it. Now for my sons we went to hook up to our wifi at the house and it wasn’t picking up ????? I don’t know why it wasn’t I was putting the password in and everything and still wasn’t connecting but yet our phones in the house was connected and so was my tv…. what could possibly be wrong with these tablets? and I tried to speak with my childrens father to see where he got them at but he hasn’t responded yet. so where would I take them to go get them looked at?

    • Would not want the kids to have to learn Japanese, just to get a great deal on a tablet… It would appear that maybe due to holidays; you might have gotten an ‘open-box’ discount? Good thing you got two, as you might be able to use one; to assit in fixing the other… Sorry to hear about issues, but hoping the following might help…

      Walk in to Best Buy; and explain that you may not want to return/exchange, but maybe their Geek-Squad, would not mind in pressing the four-five buttons needed to fix your issues… otherwise you can try the following, to fix yourself…

      (Japanese Issue), The language options should be under (settings)… I do not have exact-phase (kids left with my tablet)… You would use the tablet, that is currently setup for English for reference… The menus; options will be identical… Now that both are in English, we can address the WiFi issue…

      (WiFi-Issue) Some wireless routers can get frozen during the pairing process… So would first (power-cycle) both the tablets and the wireless-box for 2-minutes… You might need someone to check your wireless settings on your access-point… it is usually suggested that you be configured to use only [WPA2 Personal (AES)], if using any ‘mixed modes’; can create issues/conflicts with some devices… The WEP and WPA-TKIP encryption methods are deprecated and strongly discouraged…

  41. Help I just opened the tabley today it was on 4 percent and shut off then I turned it back on to charge and the screen is not allowing me to touch it so I basically cannot do anything I cannot even power it off !

    • Well at 4-percent; the battery is likely dead by the time you read this… 🙂 There is a (tiny-reset-button) that can only be accessed by using a paperclip… Pressing this button; should turn off the tablet, and allow you to resume normal operation…

      • I did reset, my brand new Digiland DL701Q thouch screen is not working after reset too. Please advise. it worked only one day.

  42. Can someone help me i bought this tablet for my dad however it will not play any music at all
    a playback error keeps popping up and i dont know what to do.
    i tried putting music on the sd card
    i tried putting it on straight from the laptop
    i even bought a song from the google music store and nothing i have no idea what else to do!!
    Please help

    • Wow, music from “Google Music Store:, should be in a format which is playable… Getting back to basic’s; are you able to play any sounds?? Netflix, Pandora app? I know if you hold-down the power-button, after 5-sec, you get an option to power-off device; and “disable-sound”… My kids are watching movies on my tablet, so not able to confirm exact phrase… Let’s make sure that sounds are enabled! (MY mistake was only getting 16-units;(mostly for friends), looks like I am still short… Good News; still seems to be ($39), if purchased online (check price from link in article!)

      • I’ve had similar issues with music playback errors on my unit. My sound is enabled and the fm radio app works but songs I downloaded from my laptop do not. the songs are in .wma format. Are there any fixes?

    • Hopefully you do not have a defective unit… Usually would suggest doing a “factory-rest”, followed by downloading the latest updates, after connecting the WiFi…

      You should be able to do a RESET, under (settings), (security)… You can also try doing a “Remote Wipe”, by accessing your “google-account” via a computer (or other device… There is an option to ‘manage your devices’; then select “WIPE”… the next time the tablet tries to access your “Google Account”, it should wipe the device… FYI: as a general rule; you should store your data on a “SD-Card” or “Google-Drive” account; to protect it from being lost or stolen… This allows a “worry-free” wipe of device, as applications & settings can be re-installed…

    • I see you already have a (Google Account), so the best solution would seem to use “Google Doc’s” and save them on your “Google Drive” account. This would allow easy sync between PC & tablet… If you must use “Microsoft Word”, then still save on your “Google Drive”, and search the play store for a “MS WORD Viewer”… Become for famular with the FREE goggle tools; and unleash a lot of power!

    • I have been looking everywhere online and the only bumper I have found so far that looks like it might work is this one on Amazon for $4.51. It is a silicone rubber case cover for 7 ” android capacitive table pc pda #01 It is sold by KeyZone.
      I googled it and also found this site that sells them at aliexpress.com Looks like it comes from China. I might give it a try.

  43. Can anyone please tell me why my digiland 7″ 8gb tablet is not compatible with my PayPal credit card reader? The reader I use plugs into the headphone jack, please help. Thank you

    • I was thinking the same as you, at first… then realized I was thinking of my iPhone… The Apple & Android mobile devices have a headphone/mic 3.5mm combo plug/jack on them; while an android tablet, has just a headphone jack. The PayPal and Intuit GoPayment readers require a microphone jack to function. These headphone/microphone combo jacks (4-wires), are usually found on mobile & apple device (iPhone & iPad)…

    • I had the same problem and talked to Paypal and they said that some tablets just won’t recognizer their reader. Earlier I bought an Amazon Kindle Fire for $49.95 and installed Paypal here and it works perfectly. It’s more of a hassle to install it on a kindle fire because this app is not available through kindle apps. You have to allow 3rd party app installs and then find the paypal here.exe online and then download it and then use an app called ES file explorer.

  44. Has anyone had issues with SD cards in this? I can see that my card is installed but it won’t let me move or install any apps to it, and things like Google Music won’t let me save any songs to it (the option to save to SD is greyed out).

    I was thinking of exchanging it but didn’t want to go through that hassle if the new one will be the same.


  45. I just bought one for my son who is 5. I got a 7″ from best buy. Where can I purchase a rugged case with the hole for the camera? Any suggestions world be much appreciated. Yes, I know a camera full use fit a 5 yr old but he really does like being able to take pics.

  46. I just bought 2 of these for my kids so they’ll leave my phone alone…now I am looking for kid friendly cases do these fit toany of the other brand tablets or where can I buy any of the kid proof cases? Any info is greatly appreciated. ..

  47. I’m trying to find someone to help me with settings. This is my first tablet and my first experience with Android. When I got the tablet a couple of days ago, I found the user’s manual inadequate. So I just started exploring. I found a setting that controlled the “maturity level” of games that could be downloaded (thinking about my grandchildren using it) BUT now I can’t even download Google Play services because of my “content filtering level”. I can’t find the way to change the setting !

    • You can create (users) and (restricted-profiles)… which will allow you to restrict/limit access… The main account, should retain full-permissions… To switch between accounts you can either power-off the tablet, or in most cases, you can swipe down from the upper-right corner!

      If you have to start-over, you can reset to factory within (settings), or you might be able to “manage-devices” from within your Google account! If you need further help; you might want to try searching for a YouTube video…

      • you said to try searching for a YouTube video; can you please email me with the links for YouTube videos and visual tutorials as well, thanks! (The User’s Manual is *very* inadequate, I’m sorry to say that …. I’m trying to learn how to switch from your 8GB to 32GB SanDisk that I purchased from Best Buy but need to know how to insert the 32GB SanDisk in the tablet, please?)

    • If you’re referring to Content Filtering in Play Store, try to open Play Store, go to the three bar drop-down menu (probably upper left corner), scroll down to Settings in the drop-down, go to Content Filtering and change it to your preference.

  48. this is also my first tablet. and I’ve been searching online to find out what version of Bluetooth system this thing supports.I was hoping to purchase at least one Bluetooth 3.0 device for it but I’m not sure if it will accept it.so that’s my question.can this thing support bluetooth a 3.0 device? thank you in advance 🙂

    • What device are you wanting to connect? I have so far connected Bluetooth headset and mouse, without any issues… So I do not believe you’ll have any issues… The main issue with specifications, might relate more to transfer speeds… Usually these specs are also backwards compatible!

  49. I bought four of these before the Black Friday price because I was so impressed and was so afraid they’d run out of stock before I could get them at the lower price. As it turns out, I picked up four more online Thanksgiving morning and now need to return four. Oddly enough, the originals have some differences and I’m not sure if they are any better or worse than the newer ones. I hope someone will be able to guide me. First off, the appearance of the boot screen differs—spinning green circles vs. a white stylized flower and the “Powered by Android” lettering is arranged differently. The Build numbers seem older (A86V_V003 and A86V_V001) vs. A86V_V004 on the new ones. One was running Android 4.4.0 and the others were 4.4.2. As soon as I start to think I should stick with the newest ones, I begin to worry that corners were cut to crank out enough of them to meet the Black Friday demands. I really need guidance if you’d be so kind. Thank you.

    • I am wondering in you got the newer hardware builds at your local store, or online???

      Found manufacturer contact info:
      Email: Service@digi-land.net
      tel: 1-866-618 7888

      When most of my clients buy hardware (like a printer), they often ask me, “why don’t you use the enclosed CD to setup device?” My reply, “The software is outdated, you can check the dates on the files to prove it.” You might have purchased the hardware yesterday, however your package, was likely assembled in massively large quantities 6-36 months(years) earlier overseas… Then it moved through various docks/warehouses, before finally making it to your door. My point, is the first thing I do with any device, is to download latest software/firmware revisions… So I would assume your “Android 4.4.0” would update to “Android 4.4.2″…

      WARNING: Sometimes the latest builds are not the best builds… Sometimes newer builds cut corners, or released without proper testing… We all would hope that newer builds are to improve product…

      NOTE: I considered the RCA 7″ tablet | Battery-Fire-Explodes:
      RCA Android 7 inch tablet Walmart explodes!

      • This is getting more confusing. The four purchased online Thanksgiving have the newest builds. Because of that, I thought I’d keep them. However, I decided to play with them a bit today and found all four had the same display issue unlike any of the older four. Unless viewing at the perfect angle, the screen edges blacken and the picture is extremely washed out. Not an issue with any of the original four.

        So, it’s decided, I’ll keep the originals. No, too easy. I played with them and found they all had wireless upgrades. When applied, the three running 4.4.2 now are running 4.4.0. The build numbers, however, increased. I’m totally baffled. Even with the older KitKat version, I’ll probably keep them because they do seem superior to the newer ones. Like you said, sometimes the latest aren’t the best. I just never expected an upgrade to go backwards!

  50. We bought 9 of these for the grandkids (boy it feels good to already be Done with Christmas shopping 😀 ) Saturday at Bestbuy.
    And we also bought 2 of the 10 inch tablets.
    So far very pleased, If the 7 inch tablets work as well as the 10 then everyone is going to be happy!

    • It is my understanding that the hardware specifications for the 7″ and 10″ are the same, with the only known difference being the size of the screen, and maybe the size & life of the battery…

      To my surprise, they are still ($39.99) online, and my local store have also restocked them already after being sold out… When buying one, the $10 savings maybe not a big deal… However since you purchased 9 (saved $90+), and I purchased 16 (saved $160+), that is a big deal.

      I strongly suggest buying a few extra (online or in-store)… As you can return unwanted units later… However if you wait until tomorrow, your’ll risk paying the $10+ extra…

      I am still amazed as this budget-android-tablet has features, such as “multi-user”; “restricted-profiles”; and removable storage that Apple still does not have on their iPhones or iPads… This is a requirement for me when sharing my device with my children or friends… (secure-protect my email & data)…

  51. I found the Digiland 7 inch tablet to be faster than the Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet. For the price I like to have the kids play with the tablet and not my phone anymore, they can also watch Netflix on there and the quality is excellent. You offer remote support does that mean you can fix a computer over the internet? How much do you charge to fix a laptop with a virus?

    • I got tablets for my kids for the same reason… they are too young for a $700 iPhone… I was really surprised how fast and useful this tablet is for my family & friends… I myself use it with “PayPal HERE”, to accept credit card payments when doing onsite computer repairs…

      In regards to virus removal, yes, I offer remote repairs via the internet… My hourly rate is $65/hour with most repairs being completed in just 1-2 hours… Please contact our support team for more details… support (at) vbsweb.net | 1-888-248-0884

  52. This is our first tablet. Not having any previous experience with any tablets, we are surprised at what is included in it. The resolution is much better than we expected (due to the low price). Speed is acceptable. Not a lighting bolt but better than our 5+ year old laptop. The functionality for its size is much better than we expected. So far, we should have bought two at Best Buy for their $39.xx price. One thing we are running into is “directions” on how to use it seem hard to follow and find. (OK, we have grand kids and not the “other” phones – does that tell you anything?) I have my own Goggle account on it and one email account open but can not find out how to sign out of the email / account and open my wife’s account so she can read her email. We are trying to find some good “how tos”. Appears to be a great deal. Great intro tablet.

    • Today is Sunday, and I still see it online for $39.99… so I would order online tonight, in case they raise the price tomorrow… I got 14-units in my local store, however now they are sold-out… I just ordered another 6-units online with FREE shipping…

      In regards to email question, you want to change the (settings) by pressing the gear icon, usually at the very bottom-center of screen… you have two ideal choices…

      1) add another email account… (settings), (accounts),. then (add account)…

      2) add another user… (settings), (users), (add user), “not restricted profile”… then when you turn-on tablet; you can login as (husband) or (wife)… allowing you to share the tablet, with each person with their own settings/apps… I added a “restricted profile” for my children, so they cannot use/access email or my banking/business apps…

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